Ferias & fiestas

Ferias & fiestas


'Ferias' are an excellent way to get to know the Spanish people at their best. These multi-day, traditional festivals are held once a year in every village and in every city. For many it is the highlight of the year. And ... don't forget your polka dot dress.


Where and when in our region?

  • Feria Almogía: medio August
  • Feria Málaga: medio August
  • Feria Antequera: end of August/beginning of September
  • Feria Córdoba: end of May
  • Feria Ronda: medio May
  • Feria de los pueblos Fuengirola: beginning of May
  • Feria Torremolinos: end of September
  • Feria Mijas: medio September
  • Festival 3 Culturas Frigiliana: end of September

Semana Santa


Are you in Andalucía during the week before Easter? Then you can't ignore Semana Santa! It is a grand religious feast where the suffering of Christ is commemorated during impressive penitential processions.


Scenes from the life of Christ are depicted on 'tronos', carried by brotherhoods through the streets, whether or not accompanied by a band. In every procession also "Nazarenos", or the penitents, walk along. They wear costumes with "capirotes" (pointed hoods) to ensure anonymity.


The procession closes with the "Virgen", the Holy Mary. For many Spaniards this is the most important part of the procession.



A Romería is a religious pilgrimage. Sort of an annual Catholic pilgrimage, but at a short distance. The term comes from romero/romeiro, which means "he who travels to Rome."


Apart from the pilgrimage, there are many similarities with a feria: the horses are taken from the stable, flamenco is danced everywhere, the beautiful clothes come out of the closet and of course there is plenty to eat and drink. Olé!


The most famous 'Romerías' in our region:

  • Almogía: Romería de San Isidro (beginning of May)
  • Torremolinos: Romería de San Miguel (end of September)
  • Málaga: Romería al Santuario de la Victoria (medio August) 

Carnival in Málaga


Carnival in Málaga is fun to experience. Perhaps different than in Belgium or the Netherlands, but certainly worth it.


Some highlights:

  • election 'God and Goddess Carnival'
  • street parade in the city center
  • carnival groups perform in the historic center
  • 'Drag Queen" election
  • the funeral of 'El Boqueron' on the beach


To official website.

Christmas in Málaga


The historic center of Málaga is transformed into a true fairytale in December. Calle Larios is full of twinkling lights and the surrounding streets are also completely immersed in a cozy Christmas atmosphere. Every year it is a surprise what the lighting will look like.


Another tradition are the "belenes" or the nativity scenes/miniature Christmas villages, which are built by brotherhoods and other organizations.


No Christmas without cozy markets. You can find them at the harbor and along the pedestrian boulevard of Paseo del Parque.

Local feasts


Any reason is good for a party. Therefore in many villages regurarly you have local feasts in honor of their regional products or patron/patron saints.


We would like to invite you to:

  • Almogía: Día de la Almendra (end of September)
  • Villanueva de la Concepción: Día de la Haba (end of April)
  • Casabermeja: Fiesta de la Cabra (media September)
  • Almogía/Villanueva de la Concepción: Festival de Verdiales (medio August)
  • Costa del Sol: Virgen del Carmen (medio July)
  • Casabermeja: Fiesta del Corpus (end of June)
  • etc.

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